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I write to be of service by sharing with others the knowledge that I have found. My wish is to help spread genuine spirit or spiritual teachings - with no connection to any religion. Whether this is through my own books, or those of others, I do not mind...

On the "My Amazon & Recommendations" page you will find a list of informative books, my own, and those by numerous other authors.

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(The book on offer will change most months)

I do not write for financial rewards, however, reviews on Amazon are still appreciated as they encourage others to read - and thus discover valuable spiritual knowledge - and this, as I have said, is my wish.

If you click the following book link from Saturday-Wednesday 4-8 March 2017 you will be able to download the following Kindle book free of charge: Be Yourself

("The Reason Why You Were Born" - will be offered free during April 2017)

You can click the "Buy now" option when you see the price is free (0.00) to avoid the Kindle unlimited offer if you wish.

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